SP Basketball Star

It’s basketball season and the neighborhood cheers for Lauren.  The 6th grader plays point guard for the Henderson Middle School Bearcats. Plenty of games are still waiting to be played as Lauren welcomes her neighbors to come check out the Bearcats.    The Somersby Park resident also plays soccer.  When asked what she likes best about playing basketball,  she quickly responded “defense” but also likes offense giving assists and shooting from the outside.   The young lady plays an aggressive game and looks destined for an outstanding athletic career during her educational years… perhaps beyond.    Here’s a link of photos and video clips from the December 6th victory over Flat Rock.   https://photos.app.goo.gl/C9mOa4dRzaRWafnG2

Here’s the remaining schedule.  Go Lauren!

December 11 – vs Polk @ HMS – 4:30pm

December 14 – @ Rugby – RMS – 4:30pm

December 18 – vs Macon @ HMS – 4:30pm

January 4 – vs Apple Valley @ HMS – 4:30pm

January 8 – @ Brevard – BMS – 4:30pm

January 11 – vs Flat Rock @ HMS – 4:30pm

January 17 – @ Polk – PMS – 4:30pm

January 18 – vs Rugby @ HMS – 4:30pm

Playoffs follow