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Good Move

New resident Carla captured colorful sights recently outside her back window. She and husband John recently moved to Somersby Park from Charleston’s low country. From sea to mountains, they’re enjoying it all with higher elevation and nature’s evening glow.

December Red Sky

Residents like Jane woke up to discover a brilliant December red sky. She captured these stunning photos and shared with us. Such a scene from the east indicates a high pressure is moving away and coming from the west could be a low and associated storm. Thus the ole saying, Red sky at night, sailors’ delight. Red sky at morning, sailors take warning.

Pathway Scenery

Somersby Park resident Rosalyn captured some magical moments while on her walk along our trails. She wants to share with you. If you don’t live here, perhaps this will entice you to join us someday as Somersby Park is a great place to call home.