Properties At Somersby Park

Available Homes
AddressLot IDAcreageAsking PriceMLS #Web LinkComments
185 Crossvine TrailE-121.24$1,372,2034042684View and ContactProposed New Construction
130 Flameleaf DriveA-140.34$675,0004055378View and ContactNew Listing
Available Lots
AddressLot IDAcreageAsking PriceMLS #Web LinkComments
5 Flameleaf LnA-010.31$30,0003831566View and ContactPrice Reduced $4000
97 Flameleaf LnA-070.45$25,0003831567View and ContactPrice Reduced $5400
98 Flameleaf LnA-150.23$43,0003859977View and Contact
210 Somersby PkwyB-050.46$25,0003831569View and ContactPrice Reduced $11400
150 Thistlewind TrailB-110.9$70,0004038637View and ContactNew Listing
210 Thistlewind TrailB-130.72$19,0004039363View and ContactNew Listing
505 Somersby PkwyC-060.81$39,5004029403View and ContactPrice Reduced $5500
425 Somersby PkwyC-080.86$65,0003904292View and Contact
385 Somersby PkwyC-091.27$165,0003831021View and Contact
686 Crossvine TrlC-4A1.63$75,0003831571View and ContactPrice Reduced $21,400
100 Ivywood LaneD-040.62$115,0004039201View and Contact
120 Ivywood LnD-050.53$100,0004058880View and ContactNew Listing
170 Ivywood LnD-080.61$39,0003903480View and Contact
155 Ivywood LnD-090.52$25,0003831573View and ContactPrice Reduced $1400
145 Ivywood LnD-100.43$26,9003926886View and Contact
630 Somersby PkwyE-011.28$42,5003591755View and Contact
215 Crossvine TrlE-110.99$69,9003890946View and Contact
1027 Somersby PkwyF-070.53$44,1253809519View and Contact
8-F Red Bud LnF-080.47$27,5003831576View and ContactPrice Reduced $18900
10-F Red Bud LnF-100.35$25,0003831577View and ContactPrice Reduced $11400
11-F Red Bud LnF-110.35$22,5003831579View and ContactPrice Reduced $3900
200 Ladys Fern TrlG-070.30$17,5003905259View and Contact
12-G Ladys Fern TrlG-120.31$43,9253857714View and Contact
105 Ladys Fern TrlG-130.24$9,7503874026View and Contact
35 Ladys Fern TrlG-160.3$60,0003913945View and Contact
575 Somersby PkwyG-170.34$15,0003831581View and ContactPrice Reduced $1400
4H & 6H Ladys Fern TrlH-04 and H-061.36$161,5003882268View and Contact2 Combined Lots – Price Reduced $28,500
6H Ladys Fern TrlH-060.71$85,0003879151View and ContactPrice Reduced $15,000

2 thoughts on “Properties At Somersby Park”

  1. We are moving the Henderson County and love Somersby. We were tempted by the Flameleaf house. It’s just too small for us. Do you have preferred builders for the community?
    Thanks. Hoping my wife and I will end up there.

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