Ornament Exchange Party

The ladies of Somersby Park know how to have a good time during the Holidays.  Recently many of them gathered to exchange tree ornaments.  But wait, the Grinch was invited to the party!   As gifts were unwrapped,  it was perfectly fine for that ornament to be stolen, snatched away from neighbors and friends.   However as the game played out, everybody left happy with a beautiful keepsake.

From the words of Kristen, the host:  “This was my 16th Ornament Exchange Party.  I started having this party back in 2000 with 8 friends which grew to 21 this year.  There was lots of food, desserts, drinks and beautiful ornaments. It was fun to watch everyone either unwrap an ornament or steal one from someone else.  Christine and myself fought for the same ornament for most of the party with neither one of us ending up with it.  Poor Kathryn, every ornament she opened or stole was taken from her.  Deneen kept trying to hide her ornament so no one would steal it from her!  Everyone had a great time and are already looking forward to next year.”

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