Stairway to Almost Heaven

Improvements to view beautiful Kangaroo Falls is complete. Workers have finished four wood-framed steps and railing for residents and their guests to enjoy a safe trek to behold the unique waterfalls. The Common Area Committee oversaw the project and reports the wood as pressure treated 6×6” posts with the railing made from black locust trees harvested in the area. As a bonus, the stone steps on the other side of the approaching gravel driveway above are also now improved. The work crew moved a large flat rock from top of the grade to below the bottom step, making access easier.  Some dirt was removed that partially covered the two stones at the top of this stairway, making footing more visible and secure. Enjoy the adventure and view this treasure in the neighborhood.

One thought on “Stairway to Almost Heaven”

  1. Caution:

    The current trail improvements make access easier and safer to the wooden bridge at the top of the falls only.
    Residents should be cautioned to not attempt to access areas below the falls as the slopes are steep and very slippery with wet leaves. Also, areas below the falls are on private property and not on Somersby Park’s common area.

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