Pond improvements

The residents of Somersby Park are fortunate to enjoy four ponds near the entrance to the community. The area is surrounded by walking trails, observation piers, picnic tables and waterfalls. Spearheaded by the Common Area Committee, work is underway to clean the first pond that is naturally fed by a mountain creek. Fish and wildlife were removed before silt and other material started to be hauled away. 40 truck loads will be necessary to move the material to a location where it will be spread out and re-vegetated. Such a project renews Somersby Park’s commitment to preserve natural beauty for all residents to enjoy for years to come.    

One thought on “Pond improvements”

  1. Everyday we wake up to a new flower bud or the fresh smell of morning dew or a prettier mountain vista. Thank you neighbors. Thank you birds, bees and our red feathered Somersby woodpecker. How fortunate we are to be at home….right here‼️😉

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