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Trails System Update

Trail improvements are now complete in Somersby Park. Hikers will notice the new steps to Dee’s Memorial Trail on Somersby Parkway.

These improvements join the new steps and railings installed on the upper end of Bonehead Ascension Trail and to the entrance of Bacchus’ Run Trail across from the intersection of Thistlewind Trail road. 

The trails have also been treated to keep the trails clear of growth for the growing season.  The work has been completed as part of the Common Area Committee work plan for 2020, approved by the Board and ratified in the budget at the annual meeting this year. 

Residents should be aware that the upper part of Bacchus’ Run Trail on Somersby Parkway near the intersection of Ladys Fern Trail is not being improved at this time because of erosion further down the trail. 

For all of us confined to our homes at this time due to COVID-19 health concerns, a nice walk involves Bonehead Ascension Trail beginning from the parking lot above the first pond and continues to the top of Bacchus’ Run Trail to Thistlewind Trail road. Proceed to the improved entrance way as Bacchus’ Run Trail continues into the woods. Enjoy the hike as it merges with Domber’s Sunset Trail to the lower end of Ladys Fern Trail.  You can return either by the roads or loop back.

Pond improvements

The residents of Somersby Park are fortunate to enjoy four ponds near the entrance to the community. The area is surrounded by walking trails, observation piers, picnic tables and waterfalls. Spearheaded by the Common Area Committee, work is underway to clean the first pond that is naturally fed by a mountain creek. Fish and wildlife were removed before silt and other material started to be hauled away. 40 truck loads will be necessary to move the material to a location where it will be spread out and re-vegetated. Such a project renews Somersby Park’s commitment to preserve natural beauty for all residents to enjoy for years to come.    

Take a Hike

Trail improvements are underway in Somersby Park.  New steps and railings are yours to be discovered at entrances to two main trails, Bacchus’ Run Trail and Bonehead Ascension Trail.  More improvements are in the works too for other walking paths around the neighborhood.  The community trail system is another reason why residents love calling Somersby Park home. Photos courtesy of Tammy. Additional photos click here: